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No Good Deed, Goes Unpunished—Tips to Give Wisely to Charities and Avoid Scams

By | Blog Home, Finances

Many of us find that a good portion of mail includes appeals from charities for financial help—whether it be to find a cure for a serious illness, help people who just need a hot meal, or to support our service men and women. All of these causes are important, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine legitimate charitable organizations from scams. Learn more about some common scams that you can easily avoid.

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Stay Cool, Stay Healthy This Summer

By | Blog Home, Health & Wellness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is clear that People aged 65 years or older are more prone to heat-related health problems. This is often due to medical conditions and prescription medications that can impact how your body responds to heat. To avoid heat-related health problems check out these simple tips.

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Love and “Marriage”: Effects of Different Relationships on Your Estate Planning

By | Blog Home, Estate Planning

Many people assume that if you have been a couple for a long time in California, that you eventually become legally married under common law. California does NOT recognize common law marriage regardless of how long you have been together, and/or if you declare to others that you are married. Under California law, unless a couple is legally married or has a legal domestic partnership, the surviving life partner may not be provided for by the estate. Learn how to avoid this!

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Be Careful What You Wish For—Problems with naming Co-Trustees

By | Blog Home, Trust Administration

Stepping into the role of trustee can be emotional and stressful and disagreements may happen. The trust must dictate how the co-trustees need to proceed when they disagree. This could be by unanimous decision, majority rules, and in worse case scenario, a court must break a tie. Co-trustees is a risk that can lead to hurt feelings and family strife. Learn some tips on how to avoid this.

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Assisted Living Costs

By | Blog Home, Medi-Cal Planning

There are generally three types of fee structures: Flat Rate, Fee-for Service (may be called “point” system), and/or a hybrid, sometimes referred to as Levels of Care. Some places are creative in how they assess care charges but these three buckets will give you a general idea of what you are most likely to encounter in an Assisted Living environment.

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New Tax Fix AB Split – Your Living Trust May Be Too Complicated

By | Blog Home, Estate Planning

Federal estate taxes have been significantly decreased, effective as of Jan. 1, 2018. For single individuals, if you die in 2018, there is no estate tax imposed unless you own more than approximately $11.2 million. For married couples, the estate tax exemption is now over $22.4 million per couple. This exempt amount will continue to increase until Jan. 1, 2026, when the law automatically sunsets and the exemption returns to approximately $5 million per person. Learn more about the New Tax Fix AB Split.

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